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Megan Kane

Saturday, May 28, 7:30pm, $12

MARC-ALAN BARNETTE is an original. A self-proclaimed “square peg in a round hole,” Barnette has emerged with a unique musical sound that is in his own words, “not totally country and not totally blues…too blues for country and too country for blues!” Aptly classified as “In-Your-Face-Country-Soul,” Marc-Alan is the king of reinventing himself- a dichotomy of heartfelt and hilarious, crazy and down-to-earth.

Marc-Alan’s smoky whiskey voice has brought comparisons to Delbert McClinton, Otis Redding, and Travis Tritt. From his warm, haunting ballad of lost love, “Old Memories,” to the driving rocker, “When Love Does the Driving,” the hilarious “Too Much Blood in My Alcohol Level” to his signature tune, “Can’t Blame Nobody,” Marc-Alan has proven himself to be a prolific writer and a fantastic performer.

Besides writing and performing, Marc-Alan also has a passion for mentoring and coaching writers through workshops and seminar programs he has created all over the US. Through his efforts with NSAI, SGA and other organizations, he has helped further the goals of many writers, leading to publishing and representation deals, and greater awareness of the intricacies of the music business.


Megan Kane is a country music singer/songwriter and self-taught musician from the great state of Alabama. Writing songs from her small town point of view, Megan is bringing stories to life in her own sweet, sassy yet soulful style. Her heartfelt songs and belting voice is something you won't soon forget & THAT is exactly what this southern beauty is counting on! Megan Kane's first EP is out now, titled "Final Address" you can buy a copy on Itunes, CDBaby or her webpage.


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