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Gigi Scott

& Trouble Town


Thursday, September 29, 7:30pm, $12

Some people were born to be on stage. Some people were made to have their name in lights. Some people were born incredibly attractive. Some people read. ANDY GULLAHORN is not any of those people.

Andy was born and raised in the rich musical climate of Austin TX ,and then went to College at Belmont U/Nashville to join the legions of songwriters in the country music scene. Afterwards, he spent a number of years as a staff writer for publishing companies, and playing guitar on the road for singer/songwriter his wife Jill Phillips.

In 2004, knowing that his second child was on the way and that his wife would need to come off of the road, Andy released Room to Breathe and began performing his own shows again for the first time in 5 years. He has since released three more records – Reinventing The Wheel (2007), The Law of Gravity (2009) and Christmas (2010). Additionally, Andy was a Kerrville New Folk Winner in 2010 and a runner-up at the 2009 Rocky Mountain Folk Festival.

He now spends his time playing concerts and house shows across the country, accompanying other artists on the road, and providing his three kids with plenty of stories to tell their counselors in 20 years.


TROUBLE TOWN is a female fronted, guitar-driven, roots rock band, performing tonight in an acoustic format. Members include vocalist/guitarist Gigi Scott, guitarist and producer Ben Trexel, bassist Eric Onimus, and drummer Leif Bondarenko… all members of many Birmingham bands over the years. Trouble Town is influenced by a lot of 70s and 80s bands including The Who, The Pretenders, Gram Parsons, Blondie, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, Patti Smith, etc.


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