Moonlight is officially an all-ages venue--- tonight’s performance, however, may not be well-suited for those of tender age, or stern sensibilities. Just sayin’....

PUGSLEY BUZZARD is a highly acclaimed international touring and recording artist, singer songwriter and pianist, who has delighted audiences from Berlin to New Orleans with his unique and characteristic blend of jazz, blues, R&B, and soul. Pugsley’s shows are exciting and captivating at the center is his huge mesmerizing voice and dazzling piano playing. Pugsley`s playing features Barrelhouse, Boogie, Stride piano stylings dripping with New Orleans funk and oozing with tantalizing improvisation which ranges from delicate and moody to wild and ecstatic.

Pugsley recorded his latest album Chasin' Aces in New Orleans during a month long residency at the BMC in the French Quarter. It features an array of Crescent City luminaries joining Pugsley with some soulful performances of his latest compositions.

“Pugsley Buzzard is probably the finest purveyor of hoodoo since Cab Calloway first conjured the ghost of Smokey Joe up from the depths, and one of the most dangerously alluring blues singers since Howlin’ Wolf first rasped out “Smokestack Lightning”.

If you like jazz, if you like the blues, hell if you like music at all, this is one record I can’t recommend highly enough.” ~ Lachlan J. McDougall, Faces the Music

Described by audiences as “a cross between a cobra and a puppy,” multi-instrumentalist BETH PATTERSON is foremost a player of the eight- and ten-stringed Irish bouzoukis (adaptations of a traditional Greek instrument). Known for her razor wit and musical versatility, her performances are chock-full of drive, savage energy, and passion, laced with humor and rapport with her listeners, dishing out an eclectic repertoire of original and traditional songs. She integrates her quirky, progressive sound with Celtic music and other ethnic styles, resulting in her own sound she dubs “SWAP” (Songwriter/World/Acoustic/Progressive).

“While she evokes images of a medieval country siren channeling her music through a delicate Irish-sounding set of pipes and ten prodigious fingers, how quickly those images fade. She’s adept at genre-crossing fusions…In between sonic personalizations, she unravels hilarious anecdotes…With Patterson, there’s always a surprise in store, except for one – she still snorts when she laughs, okay?" ~ OffBeat Magazine

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