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Here's a chance to get yourself onstage at The Moonlight, and show your chops as an acoustic performer... each person in the door pitches in $5, either to play or to listen. We’ll have a prize pot of up to $50, and we’ll all judge the best from the night's contenders as the cash winner. Each performer gets two songs inside of ten minutes, to keep things moving--- points are awarded for originality, musicianship, professionalism, and audience response. Open to solo and duo players only,  preferably with instruments that can be easily connected or miked through the house sound system.


The recent popularity of Open Mic requires us to put some limits on the number of players who can be featured in one night... we can present as many as twelve players, without running too late into the evening for many of our participants. Sign-up begins at 6:45, and you must be present to request a slot. Performers who have NOT played in the past month will be given first preference, and at 7:20 we will fill the remaining roster with others who are on standby, according to the time of their request.

Music will begin promptly at 7:30, and we determine the playing order by a random draw of names as we proceed. Participants arriving after we begin MAY be given a chance to play, depending on the number of performers already signed up.... we don't like to turn anyone away, but we can't push the program past ten o'clock. Thanks for your cooperation!

Keep in mind, this is how we find openers and co-bills for our upcoming regular shows. We usually host Open Mic on the first and third Mondays of each month--- winners of each scheduled bi-weekly event this year will be invited back in January 2017 to compete for a Grand Prize, which will include a 3-song demo recording session at Higher Ground Studios (valued at $500), complete with tracking, mixing and mastering!

Come let us hear what you got--- and bring friends to cheer you on!



Two Selected Mondays of Each Month

7:30pm, $5