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Play the Moonlight

Performers interested in appearing on the Moonlight's stage should initiate contact with us through email.

Please send us a personal note introducing yourself, and include links to any web-based promotional material that will give us a good idea of what you do--- websites, Facebook, Youtube, etc. We will make a point of acknowledging your submission as quickly as we can, and we promise to give you every consideration when we make choices for our concert schedule. It helps greatly if you can propose specific dates that you are available, and if you are traveling, please tell us when you will be nearby.

The Moonlight is an unconventional venue — we do not sell food or drinks, only tickets to shows. We operate almost in a house concert format, whereby audience members are allowed to bring their own food and beverages to the performance. Our only revenue, apart from a small share of the ticket sales, is generated through the rental of the facility for private events, on the nights we are not presenting our own scheduled performers in concert. Consequently, our artists’ compensation is always figured as a percentage of the door... we regret that we cannot offer a contracted guarantee to secure a booking.

The support and sustenance of original music is our passion, a labor of love inspired by the persistence and determination that continues to drive our favorite independent artists, and many of those we are yet to meet. We want you to be heard by our local audience, and to give you the best possible reasons for planning a return engagement!

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Moonlight on the Mountain • 585 Shades Crest Road • Birmingham, Alabama 35226