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Protocol – What to Expect

There are a few things to be aware of when attending events at our one-of-a-kind venue --- after your first visit, you'll have a better idea of the considerations we ask of our audience:

(ADMISSION to all Moonlight shows is by CASH AT THE DOOR--- tickets are



PARKING has always been adequate, for even our most heavily-attended shows. Please remember that we are located in a residential area, and hard by a main road with lots of passing traffic. If you're part of a group, give your friends a ride, to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum--- take note of any “No Parking” signs, and try to be mindful of nearby private property and rights of way when you choose where to park your car. Thank you!


We regret that we have neither the personnel nor provisions to conduct advance sales of tickets, or to reserve and hold seats for anyone... the policy that works best for all concerned is FIRST COME, FIRST SEATED. If you are here soon enough, you will have your choice of chairs and our few tables. Official door time is usually 6:45pm (it MIGHT BE somewhat earlier, on the artists' approval), so that we may have extra time to get a large audience settled and ready. Most performances begin at 7:30pm.

We won't open the doors until our sound check is completed to the performer's satisfaction, and the only people allowed access before then are at the artists' direction. Vary rarely do we have to turn people away, we will do our best to accommodate anyone who has come to see the show... we have about 80 house chairs, but can hold 100 seated, PLEASE BE SURE to have your own compact folding chair handy, particularly if you will be late arriving.

We will admit as many as we can, while preserving the quality of the listening experience for all.

BEVERAGES AND FOOD are NOT OFFERED FOR SALE at The Moonlight, which means you aren't limited to our selection in your choice of comestibles for the evening. Keep in mind that our venue is family-friendly, and we may have patrons of all ages in the audience... that being said, you are welcome to BRING A SMALL COOLER WITH YOU, containing a reasonable amount of whatever refreshments you choose, alcohol permitted if you are of legal age. Cheers!

PURCHASESare by CASH ONLY, from the admission price we collect at the door, to the merchandise you may buy directly from the performer.... we do not have a system for taking payment in any other form. The nearest ATM is a couple of miles down the road... please bring your folding money with you to avoid inconvenience and disappointment!

LISTENING is what makes The Moonlight different from other live music venues. Here, the performing artist is the most important person in the room while they are on the stage, and we cater to an audience who comes to pay respectful attention to the talent being presented. Our town has plenty of other places where comrades can gather to drink, talk, smoke, and horse around with each other during a live performance---- this ain't one of 'em. Our events are bona fide concerts, and anyone whose behavior disturbs others' right to enjoy the show will be asked to leave. Let's keep it special!

For More Information: Michel O'Brien, 205-317-4364

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Moonlight on the Mountain • 585 Shades Crest Road • Birmingham, Alabama 35226